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Saturday, March 13, 2010


On the topic of birds, I've decided to fly north with a few odd flocklings this verano. Penguin, named for his uneconomical running form, and I had always planned to go for a road trip when we graduated high school. We were inseparable for most of those four years and in search of new dares. Fouhree summers ago, however, we had found separate norths. We both were guilty of stifling serious relations. Which brings me to another completely off topic point of how I find serious relationships boring. Ah'll save that gripe for another post.

That leaves Birdman. Gosh, I wish I still had that drawing Zach made of him from high school. He eloquently turned CHris's nose into a beak. GLorious! I still remember that track practice. Chris solemnly came up and asked me if the picture resembled him. I'm a horrible liar mind you, and although I saw that the portrait upset him, I laughed. Spot on! Birdman and Penguin were my boys. Arguably, most of my happiest high school memories involved these fools. Just pure fun. Four summers later, we're finally going to execute our plan. Birdman and Penguin are my boys.
Destination: Alaska

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