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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is not a bad dream.


Cry your eyes out for all the starving children you can't save.

Cry a river for the Chinese and Indian rice farmers you can’t console.

Blubber and shudder and let out a long sigh for all those Arab babies you paid to have blown to bits.

Claw your face and pound your fists onto the nearest surface for the deformed South American children ravaged by the effects of illegal pesticides used indiscriminately to destroy coca fields.
Now what have you done?

You’ve cried, does it make you feel any better?

Does it change anything?

Does it make someone elses struggle your own?

When you go about your day doing the same mundane things you do every single day, think about where your money goes.

Could you have walked to the store just now?

Was it necessary to burn gas?

Isn’t there a war for some oil going on somewhere?

Cry, bawl, blubber, shudder, scream and WAKE-UP!

--Anonymous in Adbusters

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