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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nihilism is the basic credo of cool


"I see what I see that is that. I see wars, I see poverty, I see struggle. I see a generation too spoiled to care and too arrogant to dig deep.

Democracy is dead and a new world order is colonizing our souls. Media chokes us, coerces us, makes us believe that being more than human is better than being. I see women desperately seeing perfection, enslaved by their magazines' false ideals. She says too much of nothing.

I see selfishness. I see caricatures and parodies aspiring to become iconic. I see heat, I see meat, I see vice. I see posers paddling in a media pool waxing lyrical about life, believing that they know. They know nothing.

They swim in style, adrift in champagne politics.

True, we live freely within a capitalist ethos of consumption. True, we all work to live. That is life in all systems.

But I will not allow the future to be choked by the present. I will not tolerate a society that is all style and no substance. I will not permit my children to live in excess.

And I will speak until I am heard."--Stephanie Bailey

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