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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lovin's for Fools

Crazy how I feel living without you,
inside this house that we built.
Seems like the window is finally open,
letting the memories out.

Well go on and love her,
love her forever.
I will not tell her
you told me too.
You'll never know dear,
how much I love you.
Lovin's for fools.
Lovin's for fools.

Maybe you'll find me
walking the garden.
Looking for something pure.
Roots that are growing,
deeper and deeper,
Maybe you'll pull them too.
Well go on and leave here,
leave here forever.
No one can make you do what you do.
You'll never know dear how much I love you.
Lovin's for fools, Lovin's for fools.

Ahh music, the universal language, the pulse of mankind. Music breathes life, does that mean it can sufficate too?
Many of the songs that I've been drawn to lately are quite depressing haha. I'm able to tease about it because I now recognize my wallowing ways.
I find it therapuetic to replay a song that matches my feelings over and over and over again. I'm now beginning to question if this repetition is in fact prolonging my sadness. When I shuffle through my peaPod I cannot find a damn song on there that is fun, happy, uplifting. Those songs just don't feel real to me, therefore I do not download them. I have a hard time believing those artists even feel what they're singing. Are some people really that happy? It feels forced, of course many songs are. Many artists, I use that term loosely, are just trying to make it big to live that bloated American dream lifestyle that a loathe....uuugh. So now I'm torn...I need the saving breath that only music can grant, but this depressing shit is only giving me enough to keep me on life support. I may code before I find a genuine happy artist that revives the life I know I am capable of living. I'll keep you posted.

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