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Monday, February 8, 2010

Road to JOyii

Rid myself of vices:

PEOPLE-even if they're good people with good intentions, ultimately if they're hurting me i need to be without.
--More specifically, no boys for awhile. i'm a user...and i get used, but it's mutual. i'm uncomfortable being treated well, and fall for the ones leading to inevitable heartache. i've been using guys for physical and emotional gratification. i believe Elizabeth Gilbert said it best: I will no longer use someone as my scratching post.
ALCOHOL-it depresses and although it helps me sleep, i still dream in red.nightmares every night.my dreams used to be an escape, a land I longed for. i aim to arrive there again someday.

Start living. REALly LIFEing.:
Read more-fresh, new perspectives. Journey to the end of the night at zee moment.
MAster Chess.
Learn Spanish or French OR both!!-I love french cinema and their books--mmm.
Travel more, even small road trips to visit Stout or Ashland.
Volunteer again-Family Place in St. Paul--beautiful familes:]
Paint more-fresh supply of paints. go go go.
Go to more shows-Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps-tomorrow night, Atlas Sound-next Thursday, Cloud Cult, Jeremy Messersmith-Feb. 26th, Solid Gold-March 5th, Peter Wolf Crier, Bight Club, Lookbook, The Pines (SXSW sendoff)-March 6th
Treat people good. simple concept but i've been so caught up in my sadness this past two years. i've not been the friend i once was.

my heart needs a lovedance....dance it will with pages, pawns, tildes, open miles, children smiles, acrylics, beats and beautiful people.easy/lucky/free

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  1. eyy woman yer like a ghost! didnt even get a chance to reply to your message. i completely understand your desire to the leave the cyber social networking behind you though, and it is hard to stay away. but i believe you can get a LOT more done without it, so i'm happy for you. but i will miss seeing "you" around heh heh blog it is from now on. i am still one of the few that has a myspace though, so if youre interested? haha. i dont know when i'll will return to cheeseland. but if you ever come down here we should hang out. i got yo digits! so i'll text u my number. ...so i see u wanna learn French wi? i actaully just downloaded rosetta stone for french and italian!!! i feel you sista.
    roger that- from one cool cat to another =)