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Monday, November 23, 2009

An image I never saw, BURNed in my memory.

23. Too young.
Typing this on MicrosoftWord,
AutoCorrect Options thinks I'm making a list.
No list needed,
#23 is reason enough.

23 years
Five of which you were consumed with poison,
addictions fed the division.
You pushed your real friends,
your remaining family away.

Only thoughts of your parents' deaths remained.
Curious how you referred to them in the present,
as if kept alive,
but they were passed.

23 years.
Last night marked thirty nights.
Thirty nights you've haunted me.
3 o'clock always brings a sudden sharp gasp for breath,
Cold sweat, Colder tears,


23 years.
The accident you, solely, survived
Epitome of alone.
The accidental sucide of an only child
No one knows.

No note to be found.
No one to leave one for.
There was no funeral.

23 years incomplete
You were too weak to continue.
Now sober, you felt everything.
The hurt stuck to you.

23 years completed
You were too strong to continue.
Determined to be with them again.
Numb at last.

23 years.
The bravest coward I've ever met.
Had a heart once beating of hope.
3 months filthy sober
Concluded the healing was over.

23 years.
Found dangling in the shower.
Hope down the drain
You were finally clean.

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